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Sizde hemen şimdi hayata Woman’s kalitesi ile yeniden merhaba diyin..

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Special for Women, Women’s Hair Transplant Center with Women’s Teams!

100% Naturalness

Planted hair will look natural like your normal hair.

Transportation Service

We provide convenience to our guests who prefer us.

Team of Women

Our team that performs the operation consists of women.


Our operations are performed in the hospital environment.

Fue technique is started by applying local anesthesia to the donor area where the hair follicles will be taken (posterior part of the head-between the two ears) after the numbness of the region is achieved. In this method, the hair must be shaved before the operation.

DHI (Direct Hair Implant) is one of the most preferred applications for hair transplantation. DHI, also known as Direct Hair Transplantation, is done using needle pens called choi pen. With this technique, also called pen technique, hair roots taken from the back of the neck or behind the ear are placed in the pencils and sowing is provided. In this way, it provides the hair follicles to grow stronger and healthier by minimizing the air contact of the grafts removed from the back of the head.

In unshaved hair transplantation, only the donor area with hair follicle is shaved as a strip and the hair around it is not touched in any way. Thus, the shaved donor area is covered by long hair around it, providing an image that will not disturb the person. Unshaved hair transplantation should not be much of the person’s hair loss. Unshaved hair transplantation is not possible if more than 3000 grafts are to be used. The method of the procedure can be planned in advance by interviewing the specialist who will perform the hair transplantation operation.

Eyebrows that directly affect our gaze and face are complementary to the aesthetic appearance of the face. However, due to diseases such as goiter, thyroid, ringworm, burns, genetic factors or weakening of the hair follicles caused by eyebrow ingestion, eyebrows may fall out or not at all for various reasons such as sutures and scars. Although women can make up or tattoo on behalf of camouflaged eyebrows, this is not a permanent method. Thanks to eyebrow transplantation operation; people with sparse eyebrows, shedding or no eyebrow roots can achieve permanent eyebrows. In addition, only people who want to change the shape of eyebrows can apply this method.

PRP (Plasma Rich Platelet / platelet-rich plasma) treatment is the process of re-injecting the plasma obtained after a certain amount of blood from the body undergoes a process called centrifugation.

Platelets, also known as platelets, provide the hormone and protein necessary for blood clotting. Thanks to its special proteins called “growth factor di, it regenerates cells and heals damaged tissues. This feature of the platelets, PRP treatment with skin rejuvenation, crack treatment and wound healing are used in such cases.

The scar tissue in the haired areas is psychologically relaxed and natural. It is not possible to eliminate the scar in the area, but hair follicle transplantation can completely cover the scar. The general approach to burn scars is the same as the scar. The condition of the skin and circulation in that area is checked and the necessary procedures are applied and burn marks are closed. The disappearance of wounds and burn marks in the areas that may affect the person visually such as the head region, eyebrow, mustache and beard will be restored by self-confidence and will not attract people’s attention in one-to-one communication.

Sparse hair is not your destiny ..!

Today, women can easily reach their needs in every field. But for our women who have hair loss problem; due to the sensitivity of the subject, it remains incomplete and inadequate.

We learned this from the feedback of our male patients who have operated so far and said why not use the power of women in this field and wanted to respond to the needs of spouses, mothers and sisters. In order to fill this gap, we established the Woman’s Hair Transplantation Center with expert teams of all women, taking into consideration the privacy of women and providing the necessary care and attention to women.

Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation is the most applied treatment against hair loss with progress. In hair transplantation, it is the process of transplanting healthy hair from hair area (temple and nape) to balding places. The area in which healthy hair is located is called donor (donor). After hair transplantation, partial hair loss may occur in the planting area. However, instead of shedding hair, new hair appears.

Hair transplantation provides a permanent solution to the person throughout his life. Therefore, if you complain about the appearance of your hair after shedding, you get new hair if you have hair transplantation. After hair transplantation, your hair will look natural and you will have no doubt that you will be satisfied.

Important Information.

Sharing publicly the pre-post photos of patients is restricted by regulations and laws on the promotion of health services.

In addition, the privacy of our female patients is our highest priority.

For this reason, we do not share the photos of our patients before and after our website or in any social media.

Woman's Services

Under the supervision of your Plastic Surgery Specialist; experienced, professional and all women with a team of experts.

We conduct our operations in full-fledged hospitals in a sterile and safe environment. We invite you to experience the free hair examination and the hospitality of Woman’s Hair Transplant Center.

Hair Transplant Services

  • Eyebrow Transplant
  • Unshaved Hair Transplant
  • FUE Technic
  • Gold FUE Technic
  • PRP Therapy
  • Oxygenated Hair Transplant
  • DHI Hair Transplant
Other Services
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